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Posted by Admin on March, 02, 2015

The importance of bangles in India is not an unknown fact. Bangles are considered to be very auspicious for married women. A bride wears as many bangles as possible on her wedding day as it is believed that she and her husband remain in their honeymoon period until the breakage of her last bangle. Hinduism lays extreme importance on bangles and it is considered a bad omen to not to wear bangles by a married woman. Bangles are the symbol of prosperity, matrimony and good luck.

The history of bangles

Bangles have been making rounds as fashion accessories in the west for quite some time now. However, the use of bangles by women in India is not a new concept, in fact it is an ancient tradition that is believed to date back to Mauryan period and even the pre historic period of Indus Valley Civilization. They have been used as jewellery ornaments by women of these times while their cultural and religious importance gained momentum over the years.

Fashion Bangles for new age women

Bangles can be made of various materials. They are popular fashion accessories for women and girls as no traditional attire is considered complete without bangles. Bangles made of precious metals like gold, silver and platinum are expensive and classy. On the other hand bangles made of glass are relatively inexpensive but are the top favourites because of their dazzling appearance. Bangles made of wood and terracotta are popular among young girls as they look very ethnic and peppy at the same time.

Bangles hold high cultural and fashion value for Indian women. The new age Fashion Bangles come in variety of materials and blend well with modern as well as traditional outfits. They come with vibrant coloured embellishments that look stunning and eye catching at special occasions.

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