Shree Parshav Nath Creations Blog Latest Products Tue, 18 Jun 2024 10:12:24 +0530 en-us Compliment your attire with Stone Bangles Thu, 18 Dec 2014 15:59:15 +0530 Are you worried about how you will accessorize your brand new designer saree for your cousin痴 wedding? Are you still thinking of avoiding your gold bangles and wearing bangles suiting your dress more and making you look trendier? Then we have the solution for you. The stone bangles are an ideal solution to overcome all your worries and to enhance the beauty of your wrists with beautiful stones complementing your dress. The stone bangles are becoming extremely popular world over. With the increased influence of India on the world map, the Indian attire along with Indian accessories are gaining attention and leaving a mark on the hearts of the people all over the world. The <a href=""><b>Stone Bangles Manufacturers</b></a> are playing an extremely important role to increase the scope of bangle industry and make them available to people all over the world at quite affordable and attractive prices.Bangles on the goYes, the bangles form an extremely important component of completing an Indian woman痴 complete make over. Just as the bangle, which is circular in shape, represents no beginning and no end, similarly, every woman does not have a beginning, neither an end when it comes to playing her role as the home maker, professional, mother, teacher and many more infinite roles. The bangles are an ideal gift which can be gifted to the love of your life as it signifies that once you have worn the bangle of your love now you cannot part till death. One should definitely think that how such a simple accessory can be so meaningful for each and every individual. For some girls it痴 a way to show their trendier and fashionable side by mixing and matching the bangles with that of their dress. Bangles with their infinite circleWomen have worn bangles since time immemorial. Ancient scriptures and findings have shown evidence of women wearing bangles made of glass, stone, brass, copper etc. Since then, there have been quite a lot of modifications as the time has passed. The bangles nowadays are present in various forms such as the glass bangles, oxidized bangles, stone bangles embellished with varieties of stones, matching with your dress or either contrasting and bringing loads and loads of compliments on your dressing sense. Not only that, you can gift these stone bangles to your mother on her birthday, making her feel more special and making her realize that though distance exists but love remains forever. So grab your stone bangles today and make your loved one feel special this festive season. Finding innovative bangles manufacturers Tue, 27 Jan 2015 14:58:14 +0530 When it comes to finding Bangles manufacturers who are going to be supplying their goods, most Sellers are extremely logical and decide to stick to their old client simply because there is a matter of trust that is involved.  However, there is a concept with regard to the fashion industry that has to be taken into account by anybody who is a part of it: change and innovation are the key to being successful.   Therefore, anybody selling products that are no longer in fashion is most likely going to have to shut shop sooner rather than later.  Therefore, in order to be able to successful in the Bangles industry, it is best to find the leading <a href=""><b>glitter bangles manufacturers</b></a>.  The reasons behind this can be enumerated as follows:   Glitter Bangles have been regarded as the innovation with regard to the industry that it is a part of.  The simple use of glitter, along with other methods of decoration has been implemented in order to make sure that the ornament is always evolving and can be used with the different clothing selections at the disposal of people. These Bangles are extremely successful.  The mere fact that it is a simple change from the orthodox ways of wearing bangles ensures that it is possible to make a decent amount of sales to the people who are conscious about, or at least careful about what they wear. While some people may be absolutely okay with the fact that they’re wearing bangles that are not from a reputed designer, some are not going to be absolutely submissive in this regard.  The designers are sought-after people when it comes to making these Bangles.  Therefore, people who are in the business to sell these  Bangles should make it a point to ensure that they have a complete stock at their disposal in order to cater to the needs of the customer.   There are various sources from which women decide to buy Bangles.  The more options they have at their disposal, the better, as they will be able to make the choice because they can distinguish between what they like or don’t like.  Therefore, it is best to get in touch with the leading manufacturers of glitter Bangles in order to have a ready supply that can be made available to the customer without having to spend much time in acquisitions. Fashion Bangles for the New Age Fashionista Mon, 02 Mar 2015 11:30:30 +0530 The importance of bangles in India is not an unknown fact. Bangles are considered to be very auspicious for married women. A bride wears as many bangles as possible on her wedding day as it is believed that she and her husband remain in their honeymoon period until the breakage of her last bangle. Hinduism lays extreme importance on bangles and it is considered a bad omen to not to wear bangles by a married woman. Bangles are the symbol of prosperity, matrimony and good luck.The history of bangles Bangles have been making rounds as fashion accessories in the west for quite some time now. However, the use of bangles by women in India is not a new concept, in fact it is an ancient tradition that is believed to date back to Mauryan period and even the pre historic period of Indus Valley Civilization. They have been used as jewellery ornaments by women of these times while their cultural and religious importance gained momentum over the years.Fashion Bangles for new age womenBangles can be made of various materials. They are popular fashion accessories for women and girls as no traditional attire is considered complete without bangles. Bangles made of precious metals like gold, silver and platinum are expensive and classy. On the other hand bangles made of glass are relatively inexpensive but are the top favourites because of their dazzling appearance. Bangles made of wood and terracotta are popular among young girls as they look very ethnic and peppy at the same time. Bangles hold high cultural and fashion value for Indian women. The new age <a href=""><b>Fashion Bangles</b></a> come in variety of materials and blend well with modern as well as traditional outfits. They come with vibrant coloured embellishments that look stunning and eye catching at special occasions. Lac Bangles Manufacturers in Delhi Thu, 16 Apr 2015 12:13:42 +0530 Bangles hold special significance in India. Bangles are ornaments worn by women to enhance their beauty. Bangles have deep roots in Indian tradition and culture. Bangles are circular shaped and inflexible. There are various kinds of bangles; one of them is the lac bangle. <a href=""><b>Lac bangle</b></a> is one the oldest kind of bangle. Lac used in the bangles is obtained from insects. The lac is then put into kiln and molded. There are a number of lac bangles manufacturers in Delhi so deciding the manufacturer to buy from can become a confusing affair. However, there are few considerations which, if taken into account, can solve this problem. These considerations are explained in the following sections.Criteria to evaluate lac bangles manufacturer in Delhi: Most importantly, their sourcing practices should be transparent and materials sourced from quality reservoirs should be used. They should be responsive to customer requirement and should have the capacity to meet customer requirement. They should have an established reputation of being reliable and consistent. They should have a wide variety of bangles available to expand customer choices. They should have excellent post purchase customer service and should have the ability to resolve any problems of customers. The manufacturing company should be perfectly aware of the steps involved in bangle creation process. Lastly, the bangles should not be too sensitive. Having described the desirable qualities of lac bangles manufacturer in delhi, it seems necessary to provide the readers information about the materials used in creating them. Knowing the materials used in lac bangles would enable customers to decide about the manufacturer in better way.Materials used in lac bangles:Lac bangles are made using:orange chapdi (light golden  lac),Powder,Coal,semi-precious  stones,pevdi (yellow), Beroza,safeda (lithophone),mirgam (copper) and green chamki (gold), ,Sequins,Chapdi (black lac), and  colors  in powder form, giya  pathar,Having awareness of these materials would enable the customers to assess the quality of materials being used by the manufacturer. Otherwise the customer might be falsely led to believe that quality materials are being used, when manufacturers are actually using substandard materials.Concluding points:Lac Bangles are essentially a part of every household. In India the use of bangles takes on additional significance because of its deep roots in tradition. For this reason, the choice of manufacturer should be extremely calculated and only then manufacturer with established expertise and reputation should be chosen. Bangles: Know What They Imply Fri, 01 May 2015 16:11:36 +0530 The craving for Jewellery of a woman is probably never ending. This desires and demand has compelled its designers to make and bring constant changes in their designs. Bangles were more popular in the South Asian countries of India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Pakistan, but in the recent times it has been noticed that they are now worn by women in different countries across the globe. In India, a woman’s jewellery compilation is considered incomplete without the bangles. Designer Bangle Set is offered by many <a href=""><b>Designer Bangles Manufacturers in Delhi</b></a>. Their stock of Trendiest and Latest Designer Bangles are in demand worldwide.Bangles and their Value in a woman’s lifeIn India, Bangles are not just worn for namesake; they have a meaning and are worn for maintaining traditional beliefs and rituals. Some facts about Bangles are mentioned below. Married women never keep their wrist bare and wear bangles made of gold or glass as removing her bangles is considered to bring bad omen for her husband. The bangles can be made of any type of material or metal. Bangles and their values, importance, etc differ from state to state in India. In the state of Punjab, married women wear bangles made out of plastic and ivory for at-least 12 months after their marriage. These bangles are usually red and white in color. In the northern part of India red and green color glass bangles are worn extensively by married women because they are considered sacred and have become a part of the rituals. In the same way, Bangles hold a special position in Southern India as well. But in this region, the most used and preferred metal is gold. Although, the traditional and ritualistic value of Bangles is still there, it has now become more of a fashion statement. They are now available in different shapes, designs and colors. There are many Ladies Designer Bangles Suppliers based in India who offer them in a variety of range and also supplies them all over the world. Bangles are now not related to a woman’s husband’s age anymore and are worn merely to keep the beliefs and faith that the ancestors followed. They are worn to adorn their femininity with grace and beauty. Designer Bangle Set Manufacturers in Delhi provide a variety of customized designs that are even worn by unmarried girls. They are now worn on different types of occasions, especially the festivals and functions. Designer Bangle Set Exporters in India have created a position for themselves in the International market as well.